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Canley Vale Road
PO Box 69
Canley Heights 2166
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0449 558 255


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Company description

Buy Aquarium Aquarium Supplies Online Australia

We offer quality, affordable aquarium supplies and products Online Australia wide. We have Bonsai, driftwoods, aquarium fishes, snails, shrimps, algae eaters, fish foods, nutrients, aquarium plants and accessories.

Products We sell are: -

Bonsai Driftwood: - Large, Small and Medium Bonsai Driftwood
Aquarium Decorations: - Aquascping avatar, Easter Island Statues, Monkey king statues, Spongbob ornaments, etc.
Aquarium Accessories: - Glue, alder cones, Digital Ph Meters, Ceramic Cubes, Co2 Glass Drop and Checkers, Coco Shell, Gravel cleaner, Water Pump, air pump, Spong filter, Artificial moss, Moss ledge, Case, bubble stone, Suction cup, Pump Hose, Tweezer, Feeder, floating deck, Cleaners, filters, lights, Glasses etc.
Fish/Shrimps Foods: - Baby powders, Bentonite Clays, Fry Grow, Premium Guppy Foods, Minerals Ball shrimp food, Shrimpy Pops and different types of foods.
Nutrients: - All in one fertilizer, GH+, Fe Iron, Carbon Liquid, Micro-mix, Micro-nutrient root fertilizers, Na-Pad, NutriPad, etc and other types of nutrients.
Aquatic Plants: - Anubias, Taiwan Moss, Peacock Moss, Crinum natans, Java Moss, Java Fern and different types of other aquatic plants.
Livestock: - Aquarium Fishes/ guppies, Shrimps, Aquatic Snails and Algae Eaters.
Handpicked Items: - Mini Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Terrarium Views, Movie Aquariums etc.

When an aquarium lover searches for a solution, Micro Aquatic shop can be the best choice for them. Considering the quality of their products, guideline and reliable customer assistance, They are the all-in-one solution for you!

So visit https://microaquaticshop.com.au/ now!


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