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Gardening might be a gradual process, but Maze Products make it fast, easy and fun full. We are Australia’s number one home and garden product seller that is fulfilling the requirements of your garden and home. We offer all kinds of gardening products that gives you convenience and make your gardening easy.

We offer a broad diversity in our product range. At Maze products you can buy form our range of greenhouses, garden covers, storages, compositing products, all sort of water usage products, lechuza and many other utility products for your garden and home. We also offer products for kids’ playgrounds and kitchen utilities.

Our products are made with good quality eco-friendly material, which helps better growth of your plants. The material that is use in our products is mainly polycarbonate, aluminium, stainless steel, fibre, etc. We also accessorize small green houses for your garden. Our greenhouse panels are perfectly designed with transparent as well as unbreakable material that can survive hard blows and last long.

Maze product is among the most reputed name in the Industry and we supply a lot of Australia’s premier retailers with a large variety of garden and home products. Tour our website to have an insight of our product range.

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composting tips
Thinking about making your own compost from household waste? Maze Products provides the most innovative solutions in composting products and accessories. With us, know the basics and advanced information related to composting. Visit our website for FAQs, to know what you can compost and easy steps to follow while composting. Buy our composting products online or contact us on 03 9544 6999/ for further assistance.
buy bokashi
Are you looking for an an innovative liquid microbe solution for your composter? Buy Bokashi from Maze Products online. Its primary function is to initiate and accelerate the fermentation of organic waste in your indoor composter. With 1-2 month supply and multi-functional use, this is your best domestic investment. Buy Online Now!
double compost bin
Are you looking for cheapest options to turn your waste into high quality compost? Maze offers a wide collection of composting bins. We make home composting easy, fastest and most efficient with double compost bins. Call now on 03 9544 6999 for details or buy online!
steps to composting
Maze gives you the correct steps to compost your waste efficiently. From choosing the right composter for you to using the compost, we follow all the five easy steps with all our clients. We provide innovative solutions to turn your waste into rich compost. Contact us on 03 9544 6999 or
vertical garden
Own a vertical garden with Maze products. These versatile vertical gardening options take lesser space, look amazing and suitable for the spaces without a real outdoor garden. Make your balconies, wall corners, interiors, kitchens beautiful now! Buy online.
how to make compost
Have you ever thought of making your own compost at home? Maze Products provides quality home and gardening products in Australia. With keen focus on innovative solutions, we have an amazing collection of compost bins, tumblers, caddy, aerating bases and compostable bags at affordable prices. Nothing works better for your garden than organic and home-made compost. Buy online or contact us on 03 9544 6999/


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