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Company description

Massive Solar is on a mission to supply and install the most affordable and high quality solar power systems in Australia. Our friendly team can help you design a system to suit your building, energy usage and environment. Call us Today!

Utility bills are a constant headache for many people because utility rates keep on rising. Electricity is one of the utility bills that keep rising at an exponential rate especially when conflicts in oil producing countries cause shortages in our supply of oil. For example, did you know that electricity utility rates have gone up by more than 6% each year since 1970? You can even say that electricity bills have risen at a faster rate over the years than interest rates on banks loans. It is time for us to reduce the cost of energy in our homes. Solar power provides us with a viable solution to this incessant problem.

- Solar Power and Property Value

Real estate properties can appreciate or depreciate in value depending on how well you take care of these properties. Many homes depreciate in value because of wear and tear over the years. You may also experience the same kind of depreciation but you can do something about it. You can add new fixtures to your home that will make your home more practical and therefore, more valuable. Solar panels are perhaps the most practical fixtures you can add to your home. Potential home-buyers prefer homes with solar panels because they do not have to install them on their own. Go on. Increase the value of your property by installing solar panels.

As you can now see, solar power is a source of energy that we should all embrace. It is cheaper than electricity bills, environmentally friendly and it can even earn you some additional income. Install solar panels as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the benefits that this renewable source of energy has to offer. Remember, we have a viable source of energy for billions of years to come since the sun will last for more than five billion years according to experts. People will soon take up solar energy systems in droves. You, on the other hand, should not wait any longer. Take advantage of all the government incentives that exist when it comes to installing solar panels.


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