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Company description

Marks Pest Control provides well-organized, careful and emergency pest control services in Melbourne for business properties and residences. We treat all infestations speedily because pests can transmit diseases, contaminate food and water supplies, cause damage to your home and increase the maintenance bills. We offer the top level of customer care and the outstanding value that you might expect from a small company, as well as the dependability and fast response of a large company. With this level of service, it’s no wonder that we’re one of the most trusted pest control businesses in the Melbourne. We are completely certified, bonded and insured. Our technicians are completely approved by the State of VIC and are educated in the most up-to-date pest control techniques, along with the State required continuing education training every year, which insures you to have the most well-informed skilled Technicians that will offer you with the most effective treatment plans you may need, for any situation!


The Marks Pest Control exterminator offer the best service as soon as you call them. They are best to offer the on the spot wasp pest control and other pest control to the customers. Thank You So Much
5/8/2019 11:20:41 AM Report

Rented Marks Pest Control and received the best service of pest control. professionals of Marks Pest helped me to eliminate all the undesired and disgusting pests from my apartment. Presently my apartment is wholly pest-free. I would like to promote their service.
4/23/2019 6:36:44 AM Report

Last month I had noticed the presence of unwanted gussets in my home after some days I had came to know about that my home is trapped by mice they were mostly active at night. They leave evidence by consuming food scrapes leaving behind. I was worried about health of my family due to consuming infested food stuff and shared the problem with my best friend than my friend suggest me to hire XYZ Pest Controllers. I had immediately called Marks Pest Control Company and I was very relaxed by communicating with Marks Pest Control guide about situation and booked appointment. They came to my place with full preparation and did a wonderful job. He was thorough, neat and quick. I am so lucky to have found Marks Pest Control. I am so satisfied with the result thank you guys will be happy to see you again!!!!
3/29/2019 10:26:48 AM Report

Marks Pest Control would always be my choice whenever I am in need of pest control service. They are completely fit for pest control requirement. I am amazed by their unmatched customer service and quality pest control service. Very happy to choose them.
12/24/2018 7:59:35 AM Report

The one thing that attracted me towards Marks Pest control is the fact that they only use eco-friendly solution and do not employ any harmful chemicals for pest control treatments. I love being a responsible citizen and they help me be so. I even find them very affordable.
12/21/2018 5:05:29 AM Report

I have a candy shop near Melbourne street. I noticed that a lot of rodents and lizards in my shop. I called Marks Pest Control to remove the pest and they arrived on the promised time. Their charges were also very reasonable and I really appreciate their work because, with the help of Marks Pest Control, I would be able to say goodbye to the pests.
12/4/2018 7:20:58 AM Report

We called Marks Pest Control to remove the hive. They came and removed it quickly and safely. We were so happy with their service we referred them to our relatives who had a hive in their garage.They were very happy with the service and results. I would never try dealing with bees on my own. I highly recommend hiring the professionals at Marks Pest Control, and getting the job done safely as quickly as possible
12/15/2018 10:55:10 AM Report

We called Marks Pest Control to remove the hive. They came and removed it quickly and safely.The service is really amazing. I highly Recommend to hire Marks Pest Control.
11/21/2018 5:33:42 AM Report

I discovered a wasps nest at my guest house which was really huge to tackle. So I had to call Marks Pest control team immediately. They took very less time to come to my place and were very kind. The staff were great at their work and were quick too. I was amazed to see the results after the treatment. I could find no sign of wasps anywhere after the treatment. Thank you so much team for your immediate service. I would like to highly recommend this company to all my friends.
9/7/2018 7:35:53 AM Report

Marks Pest Control is the best pest control company out there. He takes his time and addresses every issue. The company also has a guarantee policy. If something comes up, call them to get it addressed. I’ve been impressed with the great service and fair pricing.
8/31/2018 9:51:52 AM Report

We are not pricey and charge a reasonable price to control pests. If you are looking for quality service at a reasonable price then Marks pest control is the right choice. We are well known for our reasonable prices in the market.
8/20/2018 11:03:14 AM Report

Hi, I'm Megan. Spiders and other pest give me nightmares and they were all around my house. So, I immediately contacted Marks Pest Control, the best pest control service in the town, their expert team took out the pest without any difficulty. They are specialized in spiders (daddy long-legs), ants and moths control. They are best in their field. Thank you
6/21/2018 5:44:15 AM Report

"Great customer service. Highly recommend using Marks Pest Control. The Technician that fumigates my house every month is very friendly and experienced. Marks Pest Control does an excellent job are always on time and offer the most competitive rates in Melbourne. I had problems with termites in my house and they got rid of them the 1st time. I do not have any issues with termites anymore. Thank you Target!"
6/10/2018 9:46:30 AM Report

Thank you for saving us from those bugs. Excellent experience. Great service. I highly recommend. Marks pest Control Company is a Best Pest Control Company.
8/2/2017 12:59:27 PM Report
Thanks for the positive review.
8/18/2017 6:07:45 AM - Report