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Unilab instruments Co., Ltd was founded in 2010,Jinan, China. Unilab has emerged as an expert in the development of controlled environment,laboratory,hospital and cleanroom equipment solutions.They are widely used in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biochemistry,academics, petrochemistry, forensics, manufacturing, agro-food, hospitals, etc
Our products include air clean system such as,ductless filtering fume hoods,vented filtering storage cabinets,biological safety cabinets,fume hoods,laminar flow cabinets.Clean bench etc.Laboratory treatment series,such as Incubator, Magnatic stirrer,Microscopes etc.Laminar Flow Enclosures,Filtered Fume Enclosures,Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinets,Class II (Total Exhaust) Biosafety Cabinet,(Low Noise)Class II Microbiological Safety Cabinets,Lab Fume Hoods,Ductless Lab Filtering Fume Hood´╝îrobotic Microbiological Safety Cabinets,fume cupboard,Microbiological Safety Cabinet,laminar flow clean bench,enclosed ventilated cabinet,biosafety cabinet,biohazard safety cabinet,Biosafety cabinet, fume hood, laminar flow clean bench, biochemistry analyzer, blood and medicine refrigerator,deep freezer, incubator, medicine compounding cabinet,Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet,Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet,Air Clean Ductless Fume Hood,Laminar flow cabinet,Ducted Fume hood,motorized Fume hood,Laminar Airflow Clean Bench,Horizontal Airflow Clean Bench,Vertical Airflow Clean Bench,ductless filtering fume hoods,vented filtering storage cabinets,biological safety cabinets,fume hoods,laminar flow cabinets.Clean bench etc.Laboratory treatment series,such as Incubator, Magnatic stirrer,Microscopes etc.Laboratory treatment series,such as Incubator, Magnatic stirrer,Microscopes,freeer etc,crossflow cabinet.

Laboratory Instruments,Labortory Equipments,Clean Room Equipments,Microbiological Equipments,Microbiological Instruments,Laboratory Bench,Laboratory Cabinets,Laboratory Cupborads,Laboratory Fume Hood,Biological Safety Cabinets,Laminar flow cabinet,safety cabinets,Ductless Lab Filtering Fume Hood,Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinets,Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet,Horizontal Clean Bench,Vertical Clean Bench,Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet,Chemicals safety storage cabinets,Enclosed Ventilated Biosafety Cabinet,
Freezer,medical freezer,medical refrigerator,freeer cabinets,medical freezer cabinets,vertical freezer cabinets,horizontal freezer cabinets,reefer,cryoyenic freezer,cooling chamber,industrial freezer,refrigeration,medical refrigeration,laboratory freezer,lab freezer
Air clean Ductless Fume Hood, Ductless Fume Hood, Fume Hood,Fume Cupboards,Ducted Filtering Fume hood,Motorized Fume hood,Semi-Automatic Fume Hood,Automatic Fume Hood,Lab Fume Hoods
Horizontal Clean Bench,Clean Bench,laminar flow Clean Bench,laminar airflow Clean Bench,laminar airflow cabinets,vertical airflow clean benches
Dangerous Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinets,Safety Storage Cabinets,Chemicals Safety Storage Cabinet,Drugs Safety Storage Cabinets, storage cabinet,Air clean storage cabinet,Cytotoxic drugs safety storage cabinets
Biological Safety Cabinets,Bio safety Cabinets,Safety Cabinets,biosafety cabinets,Enclosed Ventilated Cabinet,Ventilated Cabinet,Enclosed Ventilated Safety Cabinet,Biohazard Safety Cabinet
Incubator,Shaking Incubator,Shaker Incubator,Inmersion Shaker,CO2 Incubator

Unilab directs a highly efficient research, product development, manufacturing and customer service program. We are young team who can devote to the convinient and advance development in laboratory and medical. We would like to provide the latest design, best service with high quality products to the customers in worldwide; we would like to listen carefully to your any suggestion, ideas, comments and improve ourself.
If you have any need for laboratory and medical equipments, tell us, we will give you a big good surprise!

Welcome any friend from any counntry come to visit us and expect a fruitful cooperation between us!

To know more,pls kindly send emails to asia@unilabinst.com or add skype:chinashomari for direct conversation.

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