Jaime Basist Counsellor and Reiki Therapist

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Mount Waverley 3149
Melbourne VIC 3149
Phone number:
0478 720 785

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Company description

"Do you feel overwhelmed by the daily pressures of our busy world?
Do you ever feel like there might be more to life than the day to day routine?
Do you need someone to talk to and help you connect to your emotions?
Would you like to discover some different ways of looking at your life?
Do you feel like maybe there is something missing in your life…. or that you have been giving to everyone else, but forgotten about giving to yourself perhaps?

Women have an amazing reservoir of strength, vitality, love and creativity….as well as many other wonderful attributes. It seems though, that many of us at some stage seem to lose ourselves in the care that we give to others. You don’t have to give up caring for your loved ones in order to give to yourself…..there is enough time and space for both…..you just might have to reset the balance a little.

Holistic Counselling, tarot, reiki and creative expression are some tools that can help us explore and heal different parts of ourselves that we may not be acknowledging when we strive to be the perfect mother, devoted partner, loving daughter, diligent employee or loyal friend.

In our sessions I will:

listen to you with an open heart

provide insight and guidance

give you tools to take away with you to empower you in your daily life

treat you with respect and be non-judgmental
I will use a combination of:

Holistic Counselling

Energy healing/Reiki

Creative art activities

Tarot cards

Guided meditation/visualisation
What we do in a session depends on your needs at the time. For example:

sometimes more talking is necessary and other times you may need an extended Reiki session. I also use Tarot cards which can help identify issues that are not immediately obvious.

About Me - Jaime Basist

Jaime began her studies 20 years ago at university level studying social sciences and philosophy. She went on to pursue work with children including working as an integration aide. She continued to complete ongoing studies and personal development courses in such fields as The Tarot, Kabbalah, Astrology, Energy Healing, Creative Arts therapy, Jungian Studies and Holistic Counselling. Jaime is committed to her own inner journey and believes this is a crucial part in being able to help others. Jaime is passionate about guiding people towards a more fulfilling life and encourages her clients to accept their individual differences as great gifts to be shared. Jaime is a member of the International Institute For Complementary Therapists

Holistic Counselling

Holistic counselling pays attention to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

It helps you reconnect to yourself as a whole person with many facets. It can be used alongside western medicine and other therapies.

Jaime utilises conventional counselling alongside creative art activities, meditation, visualisation and other activities to help you connect to your emotions in a deeper way. Jaime is passionate about helping people connect to the present moment as a powerful healing technique. Letting go of the past and letting go of trying to control the future can be very useful in bringing ourselves back in to balance. This is not just a theoretical concept. In her sessions, Jaime encourages you to reconnect to deeper parts of yourself little by little, on a daily basis with practical activities.

Tarot/Oracle Cards

Jaime uses tarot/oracle cards to help you gain insight and discover issues that you may not have fully realised or accepted about yourself. We can discover clues in the cards for working with our issues in a positive way. Jaime uses Tarot cards to help you improve yourself and develop some further clarity about your life.


Reiki is a kind of energy healing which works with our body’s life force energy. We all have this energy running through and around us, but various things in our life can disrupt this energy and cause it to become blocked or unbalanced in some way. When these imbalances are minor then a simple relaxing bath or some time alone can bring us back into balance. Sometimes we need some extra help with healing these blocks or imbalances. As a Reiki practitioner, Jaime has been attuned to the reiki energy and is able to use this energy to help you come back into balance. Jaime uses her hands placed over different parts of your body, usually corresponding to the 7 major chakra areas. Jaime uses Reiki as part of a range of therapies that together can greatly improve well being.



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