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If you are here because you are about to buy, build or invest - congratulations. This is an exciting time.
And just because dealing with banks, bank jargon and the ‘admin’ of buying a house can take the edge off the the exciting part a little, it does not mean that you should feel anxious or overwhelmed as you go through the process.
To cut to the chase, quite simply, that’s what we do! (not feel anxious or overwhelmed!) Instead, we get on board with you and make sure we look after as much of that side of the transaction as possible, leaving you to take care of the other stuff like, packing, moving kids, changing address, finding new doctors - and the list goes on.
But trusting anyone with your finances and being confidant that they will support you properly through the process is pretty important.
I’ll fill you in on some of my details.
Who am I?
I’m Dennis. A career Mortgage Broker. No quick bucks here (despite what the media likes to say!) No. 19 years + counting of doing this gig because I get a kick out of being part of such an important part of people’s lives!! I wont be going anywhere soon - so I’m good for a coffee and chat as your family’s or your own financial needs change.
What exactly do I do?
Well, I arrange finance so people can buy houses, basically. There are so many types of loans for different needs but my first interest is YOU! Once we chat and I find out what you do, I essentially go on the hunt for a product that will fit your needs. Depending on what you want to do you might have a few options, or not many. Either way, I go on the hunt to find a loan/s that fits.
Who do you help?
I help people who want a home loan! Because there is such a big variety of banks I am accredited with, I really can look at helping a lot of people. A loan is not a loan by any other name when it comes to policy so, I do a bit of ‘big brothering’ to make sure things look OK before we think about putting your application in. This means that there is not really a ‘normal’ applicant. You might be self employed, short term employed, separated, married on one or two incomes, looking to invest, wanting to reduce your repayments - all these things I can pretty much find a product for (subject to approval and bank T&C’s of course!)
How much does your service cost?
So glad you asked! Of course I get paid, but it is not by you. Various banks have different arrangements and rates that they pay so, once your loan is settled, I get paid by the bank. This doesn’t effect the bank that I use for your loan though. Firstly, that would be unsavoury and really bad for you and secondly, it would be terrible for my business reputation (I wouldn’t be in this game for 19 years if I operated that way!) and finally, it is not allowed in this industry. But, I appreciate you asking because knowing that establishes trust between us which is important as we move forward.
What banks can you arrange loans with?
There are over 40 banks and lenders that become a possibility for you when we work together. 40 banks means a huge amount of products and policies to sift through and compete for business of the Australian public. That is a win for you.
Do I have to be ready to buy a house to get your advice?
No. Absolutely not. If you are just at the stage of mulling this over in your mind or, you have put an offer on a house and need finance arranged ‘yesterday’ or anywhere in between, I can help you.
Call me (Dennis) on 0419 856 669 to arrange a chat.


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