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Remedial Massage

Chinese massage, also known as Tuina, (a kind of effective Remedial Massage) is an ancient Chinese medical therapy which has more than two-thousand-year history. Chinese massage is commonly used in medical practice. Harmony & Balance Remedial Massage uses traditional Chinese concepts, combines modern medical science concepts to relieve rigidity of muscles and activate the channels, regulate the tendons and muscles, promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, adjust the viscera.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is the manual manipulation of muscle tissue which determines the tone of the athlete's muscles. The tone of the muscle is the proportion of fired (contracted) muscle fibers to unfired fibers. Massage can adjust the muscle tone to enhance optimal performance. If the muscle tone is too high, there may not be enough muscle fiber to contract for peak performance and if the tone is too low, the athlete will not get enough elastic response for his/her muscles. If an athlete pushes too hard with a low tone, there is a greater risk of injury.

Sports massage comes under a focused area of corrective massage therapy. It has the similar technique and principle to meet the specific needs of an athlete. This kind of massage is used by both professionals, amateurs as well as by non-sporting individuals due to its benefits. Our hectic life schedule leaves room for stress levels and other injuries.

A regular sports massage by a specialist can help to prevent injury and improves the condition of the muscle. A specialist can identify trigger points, muscle tightness, and scar tissue. If these are left untreated then these might lead to long-term injury. As a massage therapist, you should have a thorough understanding of physiology and anatomy of human body. This will help to give an effective treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a specific type or technique of massage therapy, wherein the inner muscle layers of the body and all the connective tissues are streamlined. This particular nature of therapy comes in handy in case of issues involving contracted neck muscles, muscles of the lower back and that of the shoulder. It is also helpful when it comes to treating stiff neck issue and rigidity of the lower back. This type of therapy is needed by people who are suffering from chronic ailments like continuing muscular tension or long-standing injury. This massage is generally recommended in circumstances where normal massage fails to cure the ailments. During the massage, the therapists generally tend to apply intense pressure as well as friction across the affected muscle grain.


Acupuncture is an effective, natural and increasingly popular form of health care that is being used by people from a wide range of cultural and social backgrounds. In our clinic, We provide different forms of acupuncture, including traditional acupuncture, abdominal acupuncture´╝înavel needle´╝îauricular acupuncture. Health Fund Rebate is available for acupuncture treatments at Harmony & Balance Remedial Massage


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