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Sydney 2000
Phone number:
(02) 8311 7377


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Company description

Having wet carpets and needing to dry them or the home got gutted with fire? First Call Restoration Crew are the experts you’ve been waiting for. Sometimes, the home gets flooded by a natural disaster, a flood, a burst pipe, a malfunctioning machine, or a slow leak which is not easy to locate and stop – and you need to take out your carpets to dry, this could prove frustrating and indeed challenging. It could be a fire incident, and you need to restore your home to how it used to be Why not get your carpets and home back to how they used to be by restoring with a professional service that brings this service to your homes? We are First Call Restoration Crew, Sydney’s’ number 1 water damage restoration specialists. Our company has been restoring water damage in Sydney homes and businesses for over a decade, and we are trusted experts in our field. We offer a variety of services to help repair and restore your carpet when it has been damaged by water. We are dedicated to the highest standards of indusy best practice in whatever job we take on. Our passion lies in rendering valuable services and saving our customers money while making a difference in the environment.
Our reputation has been built over the years as we are famous for providing quality services by offering our clients experienced professionals who are well trained to give your carpets an expert's touch. Our methods are state of the art and give your home a magical touch. We are committed to excellence, and our priority is offering you high-quality work as your satisfaction is where our reputation is built.
Our services include:
1. Water damage house structural reparation and restoration services
2. Structural Drying
3. Wood Floor Restoration
4. Flood Restoration
5. Fire Damage & Smoke Damage Restoration
6. Content Cleaning And Restoration
7. Water Damage Restoration Steps

Our water damage carpet cleaning services provide effective solutions to remedy leaks and floods (which have damaged homes), no matter the circumstances. We are dedicated to using the best ways to restore carpets, flooring ceiling, and walls after incidents of water damage. Over the years, we have gained skills and knowledge so that we can use the most effective techniques to stop water and help you restore your home as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Our experience is second to none, and we pride ourselves on our approach towards our customers and the experience of handling these types of damage remediation with care, professionalism, and sensitivity. We strive to make our customers happy which is why; not only do our services provide remedial action which will give you an outstanding finish, and with these long-lasting results and cost-effective solutions, it’s easy to see why people turn to us to help fix these problems.
We use a high-powered carpet water extractor system to eliminate excess water and employ the most effective water extraction tools and techniques to draw the water out of your carpet, leaving it as dry as possible so that we can work on remedying secondary damage such as moisture content and dampness.
We also employ air filtering systems which clean the air of mould spores, mildew and harmful microorganisms which affect your quality of air but also continues to affect materials in your home, such as timber, concrete, and floorings.

We are unique because:
1. We offer a 24-hour service so that our rapid response team is on hand to help you as soon as possible to stop flooding and begin restorative measures to prevent further damage to your carpets, walls, and ceilings.
2. We Are Insured: We insure you from not doing our job as good as we promise.
3. We are your neighbours: We know your area and the whole territory so you don’t have to wait for us!
4. Satisfaction Guaranteed
5. Sustainable Cleaning Products: We use the best cleaning products, so you don’t have to worry about your families safety.
6. Fully Trained Employees: All our employees are skilled to provide you with the best service and quality restoration every time
7. Better for your health: We use products that totally don't harm your health.
8. We will inspect these over regular visits, leaving the machines for as long as is necessary to remedy the condensation which collects as a result of the moisture.

The First Call Restoration Crew is a phone call away.
Contact us on: (02) 8311 7377
Mon – Fri: 7AM – 9PM;
Sat – Sun: 7AM – 9PM
Address: Sydney 2000, Australia

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