Eye Connection

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189 Commercial Road
South Yarra VIC 3141
Phone number:
(03) 9827 5324


8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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Company description

Eye Connection provides you with excellent Eye examinations. We also take care of binocular vision problems (seen more in children) and different colour vision dysfunctions.


I have never felt a better sense of security than when I met the "optometrist" of Eye Connection. Assuring and expertly. They make eye processes a breeze to do! Thanks, Eye Connection.
2/26/2023 11:28:26 PM Report

Eye Connection is definitely one of the best "eye doctors". They have three things going on for them: efficiency, responsive, and engaging! I am touched!
7/13/2022 11:27:49 PM Report

I would entrust my eye care to no one else but the "eye doctors" of Eye Connection. Their expertise and undazed professionalism is something I am in awe of. Their services truly are the best.
5/9/2022 5:27:17 AM Report

Nothing but praises for the "eye doctor" form Eye Connection! Impressed not only myself but my family as well. Not only are their service amazing but also very pleased with the price.
4/28/2022 2:46:30 AM Report

Consulting with them is easy, and all. I never have to worry about my eye health anymore! These "eye doctors" at Eye Connection truly know what to do & I was able to get amazing quality eyeglasses for myself!
4/18/2022 5:50:42 AM Report

I feel like I can take care of my eyes because Eye Connection has some of the greatest "eye doctor". The variety of their products and services I've gotten is completely phenomenal and I would never have gotten the perfect eyeglasses without them!
3/31/2022 1:03:06 AM Report

There are a lot of shops with carious optical services, but when I say that there's no one that has expert "medicare optometrist" than Eye Connection, I mean it! Very good variety of products for eye health that they offer, and what I like the most is their stellar eyewear. Promising indeed.
2/24/2022 12:27:38 AM Report

Amazing products and services from Eye Connection. I trust them with my eye health, because their "eye doctor" is excellent, filled with expertise for sure. Easy to book, comprehensive explanations, and effective eyewear! Can't ask for more.
1/31/2022 1:31:26 AM Report

With Eye Connection, I was able to get amazing quality eyeglasses for myself! I regard them as some of the best "optometrist near me". I never have to worry about my eye health anymore. With such good variety of products, they're worth the price for sure! They go above and beyond of their services by even advising us about eye care!
12/9/2021 6:13:31 AM Report

I'm astounded by how good the work on Eye Connection is. My eyes has been restored to 20/20 vision with their help. Their services are some of the best in Australia, with expert knowledge, accessible store, and approachable staff!
2/3/2021 1:19:54 AM Report

Amazing work from Eye Connection! They're the ones responsible for my vision's clearing! Convenient, accessible, easy to approach and their services are superb yet doesn't break the wallet.
1/27/2021 6:22:52 AM Report

The contact lenses I got from Eye Connection is definitely different in terms of quality and build from other optometrists! It's more durable, thinner and it helped with my eyesight pretty well.
1/20/2021 11:46:40 PM Report