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Company description

Energy Solution Centre is a Certified CEC Retailer with multiple accreditations specialising in residential solar, commercial solar and off-grid solutions. As well as delivering premium value, the customer experience is at the heart of everything we do. We also don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all'. We will assist you in achieving the outcome you truly desire, saving you from paying overpriced energy bills and giving you absolute peace of mind. Large solar arrays and small solar systems, on and off-grid, our Gold Coast solar team will tailor-make an energy solution for you. Here at ESC, we have all the leading brands in solar power, solar battery, energy storage, off-grid solutions and EV charging.

Energy Solution Centre’s mission is to educate, advise, and deliver, premium renewable energy products and services, that enable people to own their power and take advantage of a new era in electricity.

Commercial Solar Solutions:
Gold Coast Commercial Solar customers that are looking to save on power bills and become more energy efficient, reduce their carbon footprint, become more sustainable and differentiate from their competitors whilst driving business profitability, are our focus here at Energy Solution Centre.
We specialise in Commercial Solar, Commercial Batteries and Commercial EV Charging Solutions.

The benefits of commercial solar solutions for your business include:
Reduction in your expenses by utilising free solar power
Potential tax benefits
The availability of finance options
Selling your excess power back to the grid via feed-in tariffs
Increase in the value of your property
Your contribution toward a sustainable environment
Cost outlay benefits from current Government rebates
Differentiate yourself from your competitors

Renewable energy sources such as solar, are a great way to make any business with a high energy usage more economically viable. Energy Solution Centre can provide you with a complete commercial energy solution for your business

Our accredited team have years of design, engineering, and installation experience enabling the most efficient commercial solar power solutions. We have extensive experience in small, medium, and large commercial solar projects and deliver quality solutions built to last.

From commercial solar solutions, embedded networks, large scale battery systems, power factor correction, voltage optimisation, distributed meter consolidation, virtual power plants and more - we are the experts in commercial solar and commercial energy savings solutions.

Off Grid Solutions

Off-grid systems are the ideal solution if you want to power a shed, cabin or house that is not connected to grid power.

Whether you’re in a rural location with unstable grid power, or you want to live a more sustainable, energy-independent lifestyle. Our off-grid systems will provide you with the perfect solution.

We specialise in providing all-in-one off-grid power systems (to support your solar panels and battery needs) in professionally designed enclosures giving you the power of freedom with electricity that you generate and own. Energy independence at its best.

Energy Solution Centre has meticulously sorted through the multitude of off-grid products on the market and has chosen to work exclusively with the turnkey solutions offered by RedEarth and Raython, enabling our team to offer the most suitable energy solution for your off-grid project.

Have a unique off-grid project? Energy Solution Centre also offers bespoke solutions using the best and most popular technology offered by Virtron Energy, Selectronic and more!

Battery Solutions
Start living energy smart today. Store your power for night time use and protect your home from power outages

Tesla Powerwall 2
The Tesla Powerwall 2.0 is a solar battery with one of the highest energy capacities on the market at 13.kWh in a single integrated unit.
Powerwall 2 stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home's energy source when the grid goes down.
Unlike many other battery units on the market, the Powerwall keeps power to your critical circuits like your lights and fridges when losing grid power. Paired with a good installed solar system and taking energy from the sun, the Powerwall will keep your appliances running for days.
You will value these features and more from the TESLA POWERWALL 2

Maintenance free, fully automated system with easy to use monitoring
Inbuilt DC-AC inverter
Sleek, durable and modern design
Wall or floor mounted options with up to 10 battery units stacked together if needed
Safe for home with no overheating or wires.
Weatherproof battery
The liquid thermal control system controls Powerwall’s internal temperature to enhance performance in any climate.
Will act as a backup power supply in the event of a power cut with the addition of a backup gateway 2.
Tesla batteries are a great choice and well suited to Australian conditions. If you are looking for a high performance battery, look no further than the Tesla battery.


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