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GPO Box 7084 ,Sydney NSW 2001
Sydney 2000
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Depreciator launched into the Australian market in 2001 as a company dedicated entirely to Tax Depreciation Schedules.
At that time, there were no Quantity Surveying companies specialising in Tax Depreciation Schedules. Those that did tax depreciation work, generally did it poorly because they didn’t manage clients well and couldn’t keep up to speed with the ever-changing ATO rules.
This was a time when the Australian property market was taking off and Depreciator recognised that there was a huge hole in the market for a Tax Depreciation specialist.
Depreciator saw this as an opportunity and decided to cease all other Quantity Surveying work in order to focus entirely on Tax Depreciation Schedules – Depreciator would provide the best schedules in Australia.
Quantity Surveyors are what experienced property investors think of when they need Tax Depreciation Schedules. That’s why some people call a Tax Depreciation Schedule a ‘quantity surveyor report’.
As the name suggests, Quantity Surveyors are people who look at ‘quantities’. When a property investor has a set of plans for a yet to be constructed building, a Quantity Surveyor can estimate what the construction cost of that investment property based on the quantities of various materials.
What Quantity Surveyors can also do is estimate what an already constructed building cost to build when it was built. And this is often the starting point for a Depreciation Schedule. Quantity Surveyors are university trained – they usually have a degree in Construction Management. The ATO recognises that Quantity Surveyors are the most qualified professionals to produce Tax Depreciation Schedules for Investment Properties.


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