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My name is Darcy Mercieca I'am 22 and life is how I have always dreamt it should be. One thing I have worked out starting my journey in the business world at the tender age of 16 is that nothing is given everything is earned and when you think things are going well there is always someone coming after you for your spot so keep working don't rest on your progress. I started up an unknown Real Estate Agency at the age of 20 and things seemed to be going well I was making more sales then before and all of my clients loved me and were so grateful for my help, after months of new information being revealed to me I soon realised the people I had as business partners weren't in line with my future and when I made the decision to leave we had a very public break up with one of the partners making up all kinds of lies and doing his best to defame me. Some really good lesson I took from this experience is in tough times your true character comes out and karma always finds you in the end so always do the right thing.

I have a vision for the future generation of young people and demonstrating hard work and determination will give anybody success no matter where you start it matters where you finish

My purpose in life is to inspire people like you, people all around the world. If you have your back against the wall find some inner strength to overcome it and make it what makes you into the person you desire to become. All of the challenges that have come along being a young business owner have made me more determined to be the best agent for my clients. I'am really looking forward to connecting with more people and helping you with your Real Estate needs.


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