BJM Mechanical Mufflers and Tyres

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141 Old Pacific Highway
Oxenford 4210
Phone number:
5573 2879


9:00 - 17:00
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Company description

We’re more than just a Tyre dealer. We'll make sure you get the best advice and care when choosing the right Tyres & service for your individual driving needs.

At BJM Mechanical we only have experienced mechanics and service technicians
Our range of services covers the following:
* All Mechanical Repairs
* Engine repairs
* Tuning
* Manufacturer's log book services
* Fleet Maintenance
* Cylinder head repairs
* Cooling systems
* Mufflers
* Brake repairs
* 4WD repairs
* Transmission Service
* Steering & Suspension
* Auto Electrical
* Air conditioning repair & regas
* Tyres
* and much more!

More details

Air Conditioning
Our fully experienced team will run a diagnostic test to:Auto Air Conditioning Service at BJM Mechanical check that the compressor is fully lubricated determine if there are any leaks check the seals check the filter dryer assess the level of gas Once this is complete we will do all repairs necessary to have your auto air conditioner working at full capacity: lubricate the compressor replace seals replace filter dryer regas It is advisable to have your auto air conditioner checked every year before the warm weather starts.
Car Tuning
Car tuning is the high level of performance that we seek to achieve on every full service. The manufacturer has set a level of performance that can be achieved for your vehicle. It is hoped that that is the level your vehicle was performing at when you purchased it new. We will endeavour to replicate that performance with each service but parts do wear and sometimes perfection is not possible
The exhaust system of your car or truck: You should check your vehicles exhaust system regularly Is it louder than usual? Is there smoke coming out of the exhaust? But these are signs the exhaust system is failing The first signs of a problem may not be so obvious A worn exhaust system will reduce your vehicles performance Our exhaust and muffler specialists are the best people to assess how much your vehicle is affected For about the last 30 years catalytic converters have been required on all new passenger vehicles and manufacturers have complied A catalytic converter will convert the harmful exhaust gasses in harmless gases like nitrogen,carbon dioxide and water vapour Extractors make it easier for the car engine to push exhaust gases out of the cylinders. This improves the performance of the engine Increases in power of about 10% are common and in most cases there is the added benefit of better fuel economy Mandrel bends are an important part of the individual design needed for your vehicle. Talk to our specialists about your need now Call 5573 2879


Great company great service with a smile and fair prices for a great job I can see why they opened in 1978 and are still the best automotive workshop in the area with good old fashioned service Will definitely be taking my cars there for all my servicing and log book work in the future
3/11/2019 5:39:29 AM Report