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If you are feeling like you are entirely trapped and overwhelmed by debt, then Bankruptcy Experts Sydney can absolutely help you. Can you picture a future with no debt? A future devoid of blocked calls and juggling your finances on daily basis? If you are thinking about bankruptcy there is one important idea you must understand, and that is that the sooner you act the more solutions you will have. In many cases it will only take a few days and you will be entirely free from debt and you can start living again. Phone now for a no cost consultation on 1300 795 575.

We have been aiding individuals and businesses file for bankruptcy in Sydney for several years. If you would like a cost-free consultation, simply give us a call on 1300 795 575. We are really competitively priced, offering a total bankruptcy service from $395 for the entire 3 years you are in bankruptcy.

"We offer a broad range of Insolvency Solutions.

Some of our services are as follows:

Part IX Debt Agreements
Part X Debt Agreements
Debt Agreements
Debt Consolidation Loans
Personal Insolvency Agreements
Section 73 Bankruptcy Annulment
Insolvent Trading
Company Insolvency
Business Debts
Personal Debts
Voluntary Administrations
Wind Up Notices
ATO Debt
Statutory Demands
ATO Directors Penalty Notices
Declaring Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy Experts - Insolvency Specialists
"TOP 10 FAQ. 1. Q. Do I need to come to your office to have you help me? A. No. We offer an Australia Wide service, in fact the entire process can be done over the phone and online. If you have special circumstance or simply don’t have a computer we can still help you just give us a call today on 1300 795 575. 2. Q. I don’t know much about Bankruptcy or Liquidation I just need some general advice how much do you charge for that? A. Nothing. We offer a no obligation FREE initial consultation. If you call us we will give you the answers you need immediately right over the phone. You don’t need to come to our office to get the answers you need. You don’t pay for our services until we actually do something for you. Our bankruptcy price starts from $395.00 Call us on 1300 795 575. 3. Q. If I go Bankruptcy Can I still Travel Overseas? A. Yes. We will help you do this. All you have to do is inform your bankruptcy trustee where and when you want to go and that’s it. There is a one-page form you need to fill in simply to inform the trustee of how long you will be taking a trip, etc. This rule is really only there so high flyers don’t skip the country. Sometimes the trustee will request your passport, but don’t worry about it because you can ask for it back when you want to travel. Call us if you wish to know more about travel on 1300 795 575. 4. Q. If I go bankrupt can I keep my house? A. In many cases the answer is yes! In fact, in many cases nowadays we can help you keep your home. We are experienced at helping people keep their houses. It’s actually very tricky, so get the right advice. The thought of losing the family house is probably the most common deterrent to people declaring bankruptcy. We chat with people daily who have wrestled for years under substantial financial strain so they don’t lose their home. Call today to find out about your house 1300 795 575. 5. Q. If I go bankrupt will I ever be able to get a loan or borrow money again? A. Yes. Bankruptcy lasts 3 years. Your credit rating will be marked for a total of 7 years. The 3 years you are bankrupt plus 4 after you are discharged. For the 3 years you are bankrupt, you wont be able to get a loan for a bag of jelly beans, but after that time you can borrow for a house or a car no problem, there are plenty of lenders around that can help, just google “loans for discharged bankrupts” and you see them all there. Once your 7 years is up, then you can borrow from anyone. 6. Q. Is bankruptcy my only option if I’m in debt? A. There are plenty of companies advertising on TV to help you deal with your debt. Be warned none of them get rid of your debt, they simply re-package your debt into a neat box, call it something else. Whether its a debt agreement, or debt consolidation loan, none of them wipe out your debt. The consequences of a debt agreement are almost exactly the same as bankruptcy. We can help you get out of a debt agreement no problem just call us today for a free chat 1300 795 575. 7. Q. Will I lose my car if I go Bankrupt? A. No bankrupts rarely lose their cars because they’ve gone bankrupt. There is a threshold or amount of wholesale value your car can be worth while you are bankrupt which is $7,350. That $7,350 means equity not total value. So in other words if you have a car worth $35,000 you are paying off or leasing and the amount you could sell it for is $30,000 then you can keep your car because its equity is only $5,000. The lender will be happy for you to keep the car as long as you keep up the payments. 8. Q. How Much Can I earn once I am Bankrupt? A. There is no limit on how much you can earn as a bankrupt. The Threshold Amount that you can keep is basically your net income after tax and child support (if applicable) is deducted. If you're in business whilst bankrupt, then of course it's also after net (after tax) business expenses. Whatever you earn over these amount 50% goes to the trustee. With no dependents your net income can be $50,322.10 in the hand. The amount you can earn increases with each child you have. 9. Q. Will I lose my business if I go Bankrupt? A. The short answer is you don't have to but you do need to get the right advice. Corporate insolvency laws are very involved and you need to tread carefully if you want to continue to be self-employed. You may already know that you can no longer be the director of a Pty Ltd company if you are bankrupt, however that doesn't automatically mean you can't run your own business and employ staff etc. If you have your own business simply give us a call to find out your options 1300 795 575. 10. Q. Can I get my Bankruptcy Annulled? A. Yes. This process will take about 2 weeks and will totally remove the bankruptcy from your credit file. There are provisions within the Bankruptcy Act that enable bankrupt to have their bankruptcy annulled through a Section 73 proposal. We exercise the best possible course of action for you to get back up and running, eliminating residual effects and hindrances of past financial situations to give you the best possible result. "


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