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Company description

The team at Art n Soul Tattoo Studio won’t just tattoo you, they’ll work with you to develop a significant piece of custom body art that reflects your style and personality.

The artists at Art n Soul are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality service and art work possible, regardless of what style or size tattoo you are after.

Art n Soul’s artists pride themselves on not only their ability to develop such a high quality standard of art work, but in also maintaining and following the South Australian Health Commission’s expectations and requirements. You can find more information on the Department of Health’s criteria through

Once you walk through the door of Art n Soul, you’ll see for yourself that the team are renowned for their welcoming nature and inviting atmosphere. The studio features a comfortable waiting area showcasing various profiles, portfolios and tattoo design concepts and with a private area for tattooing, you can be assured that client comfort and satisfaction are the top priorities for Art n Soul.

With an impeccable reputation and a knack for attention to detail, you will be sure to leave Art n Soul studios wearing your new ink with pleasure.

Here at Art n Soul Tattoo Studio we believe that your tattoo is more than just ink in skin, it is an extension of you and you will be sure to leave Art n Soul studios wearing you tattoo with pride.

More details

Are getting tattoos safe?
Yes. Here at Art n Soul, we take strict precautions to ensure tattooing our clients is 100% safe. We do this by following the strict guidelines outlined by the SA Health Department. Our artists also use disposable instruments ie needles, grips and cartridges ensuring they are used once only then disposed of. Our staff members here at Art n Soul are also trained in infection control, ensuring that everything is done according to the state health department regulations.
Does getting a tattoo hurt?
In short, the only answer to this question is yes. How much it hurts is going to vary between people as everyone has different pain thresholds and each person will have a different feeling towards how much getting a tattoo hurts. Some of our clients have described the feeling as more irritable and have compared the pain to that of being waxed, saying that waxing is more painful! The staff here at Art n Soul are aware that each client is different and will react differently to the sensation of being tattooed. Knowing this means our artists always do their best to make the experience as comfortable and relaxed as possible for each of their clients.
How much does it cost?
The price of a tattoo will vary depending on the size, placement and level of detail involved in the piece. We have a minimum charge for small pieces under half an hour’s work. For the bigger pieces an hourly rate is charged, which you can discuss with our artists via a consult. We highly recommend booking in consults with our artists for large, custom pieces as it gives us a better understanding of what the client truly wants out of their design and the time involved in completing the piece. Here we can offer a quote based on this information.
How long does it take?
Again, depending on the size, placement and level of detail involved in your design, will all contribute to the time it takes to complete your tattoo. Our artists can give you a rough time frame based on reference pictures and descriptions but there is no definite time frame we can offer.


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