32 Crufts Way
Canning Vale WA 6155
Phone number:
(08)9455 1557

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Appy Kennels & Creche offers Pet Groomers services in Canning Vale, WA area. To get more details you can call us on (08)9455 1557.


***** WARNING.... IF YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR DOG, DO NOT TAKE IT HERE!!!! ***** Firstly I have a labradoodle cross golden retriever. She was extremely happy and friendly and slightly timid of other dogs. This was a big decision for us to put her in a kennels for 10 days. But was assured by the off hand owner that she has plenty of experience, and she was an obedience trainer, she talked a good talk let me tell you. She had us fooled!! Granted she did offer us to come and visit before we put our dog in to give us peace of mind. Because we love our dog, we did just this. When we first got there (Before we took our dog) we timed it at a time when she had previously told us the dogs would be out playing.. we got there and she made some excuse about "Normally" they would be out but her help was on holiday and she was very busy that morning so hadn't yet had chance to put them out. Plausable so we carried on. After leaving, even though she was a bit rude, we thought she seemed to know what she was talking about, after we explained to her it was a hard decision for us, she said she would look after her and if she thought she was to nervous she would remove her and put her in a pen by her self. So we thought she would be fine. A couple of days later we took our dog and again she said she was just about to put the dogs out. I asked why none of the dogs had water and she said oh, its behind the doors!! it was a particularly hot day so I again asked her is there defiantly water and she said "yes yes, stop fussing!" We were initially going for 10 days but after 6 we decided to cut our trip short and pic her up early. When we got there she was extremely rude and abrupt and what should have been a nice experience picking out dog up after being apart, turned out to be a nightmare!! She tried to over charge us and got extremely rude when we said we were not happy about it. She then walked through the back to where the dogs were out in EXTREAMLY OVER CROWDED PENS. We followed her down, and felt very un easy as there were clearly anxious and unhappy dogs in there. Several of the male dogs were humping other dogs and she clearly had no control over any thing. we could see our young dog, she was normally a happy friendly dog, but as soon as this woman opened the gate, she scrambled to get out. we were instructed to stay inside the kennels while she went to get her. To add serious insult to injury, we then watched her as she took the WRONG DOG out of the pens and brought it to us. We were horrified! She Clearly has no regard for these dogs and in our opinion she is just out to earn money and not care for these animals. Again it was a hot day and AGAIN there was no water in the pens. After taking the dog back she again opened the pen and all the dogs tried to scramble out, they were not happy being there at all. I could not stand inside the kennels any longer and ignored her request to stay inside and went to get my dog. She ran past us after only 1 week she was unrecognisable. She was covered in mud and dirt and god knows what else! Her temperature and ears felt like she was on fire. I scooped her up appalled at what I was witnessing. I was so disgusted I couldn't even bring myself to look at the woman. When I got her home, she was coughing and panting all the way home which was about a 40 minute drive, she ran straight to her water bowl and stood drinking for a long period and she wolfed down her food that we gave her like she hadn't been fed. She is never like that!!! I would strongly recommend you don NOT take your dog here. We will be telling everyone we know about it and how she doesn't care for these animals. DO NOT BE FOOLED AS WE WERE BY THE FIRST IMPRESSIONS THAT IT SEEMS A NICE PLACE!! IF we hadn't have picked our dog up early I dread to think what state she would be in!! This is not a "APPY KENNELS AT ALL!!"
1/1/2013 1:14:22 PM Report