Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Toowoomba

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Batterbee Street. Rangeville
Toowoomba QLD 4350
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AHPRA licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Herbalist.

We offer: Chinese Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Cupping.

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A good way to achieve quality healthy living.

A person does not have to have an injury or have stress in order to enjoy the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy.

Preventative maintenance is often better than trying to fix the problem after it has occurred.

Combination of various Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy techniques with Chair Massage can be beneficial and complementary in improving the medical conditions as well as in the prevention of various illnesses.

Traditional Chinese Herbal medication and/or Acupuncture corresponding/combine to restore a body’s balance thereby restoring health. They are beneficial and complementary in improving the medical conditions as well as in the prevention of various illnesses. Conditions that can be helped by TCM include the following:
• Post Stroke Symptom/Neurological disorder, Facial Palsy etc
• Stiff neck & shoulders, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow
• Headaches and Migraine
• Vertigo (giddiness)
• Fatigue and Insomnia
• Digestive disorder
• Constipation and diarrhea
• Gynaecology / women’s health
• Hot flush
• Sciatic Pain
• Lumbago (lower back pain)
• Pain (e.g. Knee pain, arthritis, stiff finger etc)
• Sinus, Flu, cough, phlegm
• Stop addiction (e.g. smoking)
• Sub-Health Conditions
• Overall wellness & others

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Serene is a professional Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist. She is well qualified and always has the passion to help her clients. I had an old knee injury which bothered me for a long time. I went to Serene and she treated it with acupuncture, which totally healed it. She is very skilful and knowledgeable at what she does. I have referred friends who have had aching joints and muscles to her and they have gotten back to me to thank me for the referral as the pain has subsided under her care. Being treated by Serene is a blessing as she is very competent and passionate about what she does and is able to put your mind at ease as she treats you with her very thorough consultation.
9/8/2016 12:13:03 AM Report

I have been going to physiotherapists, chiropractor and massage therapist to get relief from chronic back pain, shoulder pain and also sciatica pain for the past 5 years. Yet no matter how regular I went for the treatments, it seems the relief I got was just temporary. I reached the stage that I would try anything that could help me to have a better quality of life. It was a blessing that my good friend recommended me to Serene. My first treatment was an enormous help. My condition has improved by 80%. Subsequently I had 2 follow up sessions and then I no longer have to suffer from those chronic pain that I had before. Now, I only need to visit Serene for my overall well-being maintenance once a month. I felt very blessed that now I can enjoy a better quality life.
9/5/2016 2:14:44 PM Report
Thank you.
9/5/2016 2:22:03 PM - Report