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Company description

We provide the best quality, food grade, extra fine coconut shell activated charcoal for health and wellbeing of Australians.
I the same time we do our best to offer the activated charcoal at the best price for everyone to afford to stay healthy. You will not find better prices anywhere else either.
We offer the Best Quality and Best prices in Australia.

Activated charcoal powder has many medicinal uses. Its main uses in the medical field are to treat poisoning or overdose following oral ingestion.

While it is useful in acute poisoning, it is effective in long term accumulation of toxins such as toxic herbicides, if learned, the secrets of activated charcoal (also called carbon) detoxing and persevere with using it on a long-term basis.

Activated charcoal powder as an emergency decontaminant in the gastrointestinal tract (GI), which includes the stomach and intestines, and is considered to be the most effective single agent available for eliminating ingested poisons.

It is used after a person swallows or absorbs almost any harmful drug or chemical.
The activated charcoal range sold on this site for health reason, water and air filters are produced from the coconut shell activated by steam. This is Food Grade and NSF Certified.

We have one Activated Charcoal based on COAL, which is manufactured for gardening/agriculture.

All Activated Charcoal sold on this site is manufactured by Australian Licensed and very respected international company.

The manufacturer is ISO 9001 accredited that means the quality of the carbon will remain the same throughout the time. All the carbon will have to pass through stringent Quality Check before they leave the factory.


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