Absolute Return Trading Pty Ltd

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FP Markets Level 5 Exchange House
10 Bridge Street
Sydney 2000
Phone number:
(02) 8252 6822

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Company description

Absolute Return Trading Pty Ltd (ART) is a 100% Australian owned, private company. ART (founded by Richard Wardlaw) operates as a Corporate Authorised Representative of HLK Group Pty Ltd. ART runs Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDAs) on behalf of their clients. A MDA is essentially where you give authority for a professional trader to trade on your behalf, whilst you remain the beneficial holder of all positions.

ART currently operates 4 MDAs;
• ART Core Portfolio (long/short ASX using CFDs)
• ART Mechanical FX MDA
• ART Mechanical GOLD MDA
• ART US Equity MDA

All 4 MDAs focus heavily on risk management and position sizing strategies. Risk management means cutting losses early and having the patience to allow winners to run.

Position sizing means not taking on too large a position which has the potential to severely hamper performance of the portfolio. At the same time the position should not be too small where a winning trade won’t add the required % return to performance. As the portfolio grows then position size grows.

MDAs are a great product as they are fully transparent meaning that our clients at any time can check the balance of their account and the performance of individual positions they holds.

ART, an initiative of Richard Wardlaw, only employs absolute return strategies meaning that we attempt to profit regardless of the performance of the underlying market we are trading. So if the ASX was to enter a bear phase, we’d still expect to make positive monthly returns for your account.


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