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Willetton 6155
Willetton WA 6155
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Our main income is from providing a regular "garden bag service" for peoples homes. We leave a frame with a bag on it at their homes and we empty the bag every four weeks (monthly service) or every eight weeks (two monthly service) depending on customer choice. The bags hold 500 litres of rubbish (wheelie bins hold 240 litres so the bags hold about the same as two wheelie bins). They are mainly used for garden rubbish but they can put general junk in if they wish. They are not allowed to put food, oil, bricks or sand in the bags. We service set suburbs every day in a four week rotation and the next day that we are returning to their suburb is recorded on the bottom of their invoice. Because we go from house to house within set suburbs we are able to limit the time and fuel spent collecting the bags. This of course, helps us to keep the costs down. Most of our business is for private homes but we also have some commercial clients that use the bags for their gardens or for light general rubbish. We charge $35.00 per collection for the monthly service and $45.00 per collection for the two monthly service. If they are on an age pension or are self funded retirees we charge $30.00 for the monthly service and $35.00 for the two monthly service. We provide a casual garden bag service. The customer gets one or more bags delivered to do a clean up. We drop off the bags and the customer telephones when the bags are ready to be collected. They are only allowed to hold the bags for four weeks and the same rules regarding no food, oil, bricks, or sand apply. There is a lot more time and fuel involved providing this service so it is much more expensive. One bag costs $70.00, two bags cost $95.00 and three bags cost $120.00. No discounts apply. We do bulk garden rubbish collections. People put their garden rubbish on the verge and we load it straight into the truck. We have no way of knowing how much rubbish is there until we see it and therefore don't know how much to charge so we provide a quote. Usually we contact them when we arrive, agree on a price and then remove the rubbish immediately. We do bulk junk collections. They work the same as the bulk garden collections. The reason why we want to separate the bulk garden service from the bulk junk service is to emphasise that we also do junk removal. Due to our business name and our regular garden bag service many people do not realise that we also remove junk


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